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Governing committee

The Governing Board of the TCI Red Cross is the ultimate decision-making body within the organization and ensures that it works towards its vision and mission and vision. The Board upholds the core ethos and values of the Red Cross. It sets and reviews policies, maintains the organization’s financial integrity and evaluates its operations and effectiveness. Its role includes safeguarding the long-term reputation and assets of the Branch, and appointing the Director, who is responsible for the operational management of the organization.

The current Board members are:

Dr Dawn O’Sullivan – chair

Dr. O’Sullivan is currently a partner in Associated Medical Practices, having worked as a General Practitioner and Emergency Physician for many years. She also has prior executive management experience as Clinical Coordinator for TCIG’s HIV program and Deputy Chief of Medicine at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre.

Ms. Enjaleek Dickenson – Secretary

Ms. Dickenson is a Public Prosecutor with the Office of Public Prosecutions, TCIG. She is a firm believer in volunteerism and has been awarded for outstanding contribution to pro bono work

Ms. Jasmine Adams – Treasurer

Ms. Adams brings to the Governing Board a strong background in the finance and hospitality sectors and a commitment to giving back to her community. The position of Treasurer will no doubt benefit from her experience as Financial Controller at Beach Enclave.

Ms. LaToya Jones – Member

Ms. Jones is a real estate agent with expertise in Disaster Management, having worked with the Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies, TCIG. In addition to being a Red Cross volunteer and First Aid Trainer for twenty years, LaToya is also an entrepreneur, bringing a familiarity with both private and public
sector interests.

Ms. Gladys Kennedy – Member

Ms. Kennedy is an educator with extensive experience in community volunteer work and disaster management. As a resident of and advocate for Salt Cay, she also brings the perspective and concerns unique to smaller communities/islands within TCI.

Mr. Craig Oliver – Member

Mr. Oliver is a Senior Associate at Wessex Fairchild Attorneys, with many years’ experience in criminal, commercial and civil matters. He’s committed to contributing to his adopted home via Red Cross as well as other voluntary organizations.

Mr. Winston Quelch – Member

Mr. Quelch has several years’ managerial and volunteer experience both within and outside of the Red Cross. His current management position with the Turks and Caicos Islands Sports Commission is also indicative of his dedication to community development